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Shari Thompson

Originally from Florida Shari Thompson found her way to Washington, D.C. where she attended Howard University. Earning her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice while also playing on the Women's Basketball Team Shari met and eventually married her husband, Ryan. Together they share three beautiful children. During her pregnancies Shari discovered that there was a creative fire burning within her. At first she turned to writing and wrote beautiful poetry. However, over time she took to painting as she found that she loved mixing the colors of paint to express her feelings.


She began painting images that reflected her own life and the stories of life witnessed. Through her life experiences of traveling the world with numerous trips taken abroad and over a decade of being married her art reflects those experiences. As she moves forward her artwork now reflects her past, present, and the future through different hues with the story being that of a dream for not only herself but also her children and their future. 

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